10. Docker Datacenter

This chapter documents email exchanges between DIMS team members and Docker engineers about setting up and evaluating Docker Datacenter.

10.1. Initial Inquiry

This section includes the pdf showing the basics of Docker Datacenter.


Basics of Docker Datacenter pdf.


This pdf was sent along with the response to our initial inquiry to Docker about evaluating Docker Datcenter on 3/2/16.


Image 1 of email.


Image 2 of email

Jeremy also set up a call with other Docker engineers on 3/2/16.


Email re: call with Docker engineers.

10.2. Docker Trusted Repository Issues

This section documents issues Megan was having when trying to set up a Docker Trusted Registry as part of a local Docker Datacenter.


DTR issues.

10.3. Further Information

As more is learned about Docker Datacenter, particularly admin-related information, it will be documented here.