15. Appendices

15.1. Add New Connection to Apache Directory Studio


These instructions are based on contents from this original DIMS project FosWiki Provision New Users page.


We are in the process of moving to a “split-horizon DNS” configuration using the subdomains ops.develop and/or devops.develop as opposed to the original monolithic domain prisem.washington.edu that was being overlayed with both routable and non-routable IP address mappings. As a result, some configuration using the original prisem.washington.edu domain remains, such as the DN entry information shown below.

If you have never connected to our LDAP before, you will need to add the connection to Apache Directory Studio (apache-directory-studio). You can see your saved connections in the Connections tab. To add a new connection, do the following:

  1. On the LDAP menu, select New Connection. The Network Parameter dialog will display.


    Entering Network Parameters

    1. Enter a name for the connection. Use ldap.devops.develop
    2. Enter hostname: ldap.devops.develop
    3. Port should be 389
    4. No encryption
  2. You can click Check Nework Parameter to check the connection

  3. Click Next. The Authentication dialog will display.


    LDAP Connection Authentication

    1. Leave Authentication Method as Simple Authentication
    2. Bind DN or user: cn=admin,dc=prisem,dc=washington,dc=edu
    3. Bind password: [See the FosWiki Provision New Users page for password.]
    4. Click the checkbox to save the password if it is not already checked.
    5. Click the Check Authentication button to make sure you can authenticate.
  4. Click Finish. The new connection will appear in the Connections list and will open. If you minimize the Welcome window, the LDAP Brower window will occupy the full application window and will remain visible as you operate on the connection.


    Main LDAP Browser window